I am confident that I had the absolute best representative available to assist me in obtaining my BOY plan. Bekki Harper guided me patiently and tirelessly through every step via many conference calls and emails until my plan was approved and Bekki has continued to assist me with financial planning for many years since my plan began. 

Bekki answered all my questions and even helped me revise my budget to find the cash to fund my BOY plan and she did it lovingly and patiently until every detail was handled.

Even though I was a late bloomer starting my plan in my 50’s, I am amazed to see how my BOY plan value is growing by leaps and bounds. In only a few short years, the value of my BOY plan has already exceeded my 401K that I had invested in for my entire working life! I now have financial peace of mind regarding my retirement income where previously I only had doubt, worry and fear – never really ever knowing what I could count on in the future. I was “winging” it and hoping for the best until Bekki entered my life.

I now promote the BOY plan to anyone who will listen and always whole heartedly recommend Bekki Harper as the woman for the job. It doesn’t matter how late you start, it only matters THAT you start and you too can have financial peace of mind regarding your future retirement income with a representative that will go the extra mile to help make your dreams become reality. Make a plan, work your plan and reap the rewards!