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Curt Smeller, Founder and Executive Manager

Stratum Retirement Plan Services, LLC

Curt’s financial career spans 25 years of focused experience in retirement plan consulting and advisory services. His unique knowledge base and real-life perspective guide both investors and professional intermediaries alike toward the pursuit of a truly diversified retirement portfolio.

As a lecturer and educator on the topic of Self-Directed IRA and Self-Administrated 401(k) Plans, Curt’s vocation is to provide clear, easy to understand explanations of the strategies associated with alternative investing. He has an extensive background in the public and private equity markets as both an advisor and an entrepreneur.

Curt is a graduate of Miami University. Prior to starting Stratum, his career has included diverse organizational experience with large firms like Wells Fargo Bank and AXA Advisors; boutique firms like Thomas F. White & Company and Offroad Capital Corporation; and small independent firms like Farallon Financial Associates and Union Capital. An active father of three rowdy boys, he spends free time enjoying the three ring circus with his wife Jennifer, coaching youth sports and pursuing recreation at the beach or on the mountain.


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