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Different Paths for Different People

Not every family is the same. No matter whether you live happily alone or with a family of 10, are 18-years-old or 80-years-young, there is always something more you can be doing to improve financial security and the peace-of-mind that comes with it.

We start with what’s important to you. What is important to you, is worth planning for. You deserve to have a financial path laid out. A well-planned, thought-out roadmap. Together, we’ll look at what is available, and what it takes to get you where you want to go.

At Bekki Harper Financial, we recognize that your unique family has unique needs – and will need a unique financial plan to meet them.

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Never Lose Money!

When asked do you want to be rich? or do you want to never run out of money? Which would you answer? If you answered “never run out of money” an annuity might be right for you.

With a fixed rate annuity, you are guaranteed a certain payout amount based on the rate that was available or agreed upon at the time you purchased your annuity.

How comforting to know exactly how much you will receive, when, and for long, and in many cases, for life!

Many people that are looking for a way to invest their money in a vehicle that offers little to moderate risk with guarantees prefer annuities.

Cash Flow Properties

Hands-Free Real-Estate Investment

Real-estate investing can lead to great returns, but taking the first step can be daunting.  Between reading the market, renovating, and managing the property, getting started with real estate is a bigger leap then most people are willing to take.

With Cash Flow Properties, we keep the high returns of real estate investing and remove all the complications.  This is real-estate management for the real-estate novice. 

Our expert team allows you to enjoy all the benefits of owning property that puts money in your pocket every month without any of the headaches.  We take all the guess work out of becoming a real estate investor and have made investing in a cash flow real estate property “done for you” simple.

Do you want your money stock-piled for the future?  We help you set-up your own self-directed IRA, which regularly yields a return of 12-15% per year on your investment.

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College Positioning

They Grow Up So Fast

Getting your student the life of their dreams is our passion! A one on one coach for parents and students alike makes sure everyone is in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing to receive the best available.

How do we make available the best college opportunities? A serious motivated student is a must and family support a close second. With our plan, students receive all the tools they need, from an online organizer, to the negotiation skills necessary to leverage their way to success. Our process, when followed, makes sure your student stands out among her or his peers and is the first in line for award money.

Our affiliate students received more than 11 million in awarded tuition dollars.

Families don’t have to master the art of college enrollment and acceptance. Leave that to us.

Retirement Strategies

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late

How prepared are you for retirement? It’s a complicated question, one that it is important to think about. How much are you spending? How much are you saving? How much are you going to need? The number of questions that need answered can seem dizzying!

We want to help minimize the number of questions you have about retirement.

Think about saving for retirement like filling a bucket of water. The amount of money you are putting away is like pouring in more water, and all the expenses you have — like house payments, taxes, and interest payments — are like holes in the bucket.

We want to help you supercharge the rate at which water is flowing into that bucket and plug up every hole we can.

Responsible Finance

Responsible Finance

How we buy things matters. It may not seem like it, but simple decisions about how we choose to pay for everyday things — from car payments to the electric bill — make the difference between you paying the bank interest, and the bank paying you interest. Every financial decision we make impacts every other financial decision.

You might have heard of things like “make your money work for you”, “maximize your cash flow”, and “grow your money”! They might sound like just buzzwords, but they are really just a fancy way of saying this:

You have worked hard for every dollar you have. You deserve to get the most out of each and every one of those hard-earned dollars.

Responsible finance means creating a map that will help guide your cash flow to whatever place you think is most important.

Let us teach you how to draw that map.

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